Hello everyone,

My name is sumeet ... i am an engineer by profession and a teacher, philosopher and economist at heart also a good friend of everyone.

the meaning of name sumeet is "a good friend" and this is actually a true description about me. I desire to be a good friend of every one ... and if you approach me ... this is how you will find me !

Vedic astrology was my hobby and i started studying vedic astrology at the age of around 24. Vedic astrology has helped me in many ways more than what i was really expecting.

There was a time in my life where my life turned out to be a big disaster and a huge mess which i was unable to manage.  My career seem to be failing, and i failed to even finish even my education. My parents and my family was angry on me and considered me a failure. With a failed career, failed education and almost no income and savings and dealing with a family who considered me a moron and a failure. It was quite a difficult situation i got myself into. I was almost started sinking into depression because i was not finding any way to get my life back on track. I started suffering from low self esteem and started underestimating me in many ways.

Vedic astrology helped me understand myself and many other people. Vedic astrology helped me overcome my worries and also recover from a low self esteem. After reading my birth chart i stopped underestimating myself and blaming myself because i gained better understanding of problems and issues in my life. This is one of the reason i advice that it is always a good idea that every person should study their birth chart and try to undestand their personality through their chart.

It can help you find answers to questions like, what are your weakness, what are your strengths, if you have more than two career options where are you most likely to find success. If you had a failure in your life, what was the reason you failed and what you can do in order to improve and find success?

Besides astrology i love travelling, connecting with people from different cultures and i am good at cooking.

Even before you ask me i already know that you love me and you may want to know my moon sign and other astrological details. So here are the details – My moon sign is cancer and i was born in a dreaded ashlesha nakshatra. You should be afraid of me according to what conventional astrologers will tell you. I also have an exalted mercury and debilitated venus in virgo. Which makes me good at working with websites and business but at the same time i suck at relationships. We all have strength and weakness in our personality. Nobody is fully expert and nobody is fully dumb. We just need to find our strength’s and our weakness.

Thanks for reading my blog and passing by !

– Sumeet Moray