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Best Libraries for Android Development

Types of Screens in Android

Show Progress Dialog in Android

API – Development using JAX-RS

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Remove a file from git Repository

Change WordPress URL manually : Required when the URL is changed accidentally and you are unable to login to the WordPress admin.

Printing from an Android Device : An example for HP printer


Redmi note 5 Pro : No internet in desktop while wi-fi tethering

insufficient permissions for device: user in plugdev group; are your udev rules wrong?

Github not accepting Pushes

Deprecated MenuItemCompat.setOnActionExpandListener

Sleep not working on Ubuntu 16.04 for a coffee lake based Intel Desktop

Windows 10 – “Boot Device Inaccessible” after installing ubuntu 18.10

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Website Examples – Beautiful Design

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Discourse forum maintenance

Video Editing

Video Editing and Compression on Ubuntu 16.04


Tutorial: Audio Ducking in Filmora | Speech and Music

Video Editors

Filmora – Best for Beginners, Easy to learn

Premiere Elements – Video Editor for Beginners – an alternative to pro version

Screen RecordersADV Screen Recorder by ByteRev

Wondershare screen recorder – (Looks good but havent used till now)



Soledad Theme

wp theme detector – detects theme

WordPress Hacks


Ubuntu Terminal Commands

Android Studio Shortcuts

Useful DO Tutorials

Ubuntu 16.04 Installation Essentials


A nice Project for learning about Open Source Java

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Open-JDK Installation Options :

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