Appreciating Negativity and Lack

Learning to appreciate the negative experiences in life is what truly helps us grow spiritually and become closer to the truth.

Appreciating Negativity and Lack
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We as human being tend to so much glamourize the positive experiences in our life. We fail to appreciate richness and beautifulness in the negative experiences.

Negative experiences like poverty and suffering and depression and pain are not the experiences we did not wanted. Universe never gives us any experience which our heart does not desire.

We might consciously think that we dont want to be poor or we dont want to fall in depression. But unconsciously our heart wants to experience poverty and our heart wants to experience depresssion. And this is the reason why universe / nature / prakriti puts us in the situation which provides us what our heart truly wants and desire.

Nothing in this universe / prakriti is aweful or imperfect. Everything that exist is just perfect. It was always perfect and will always be nothing but perfect.

All experiences in human life are created equal. No experience is superior or no experience is Inferior. Every experience is valuable and every life is awesome and valuable.

Learning the appreciate the negative side of human life and finding richness in negative experiences in life is what helps you grow spiritually.

Mixed stones
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In Bhagwad Gita God Krishna States that ...

A Saint is the one who looks at the stone or the piece of gold from the same perspective. Both are equal for a Saint because he has no attraction (moha) for gold and he does not despise the rock or stones.

In order to be Grow spirituality and become Saintly we need to appreciate the negative experiences in our life and see how rich and beautiful these experiences really are.

And this is the real truth of human life behind the veil of this worldly illusion.