Be kind to your salesmen

Being a salesman can be tough and we often dont realize how badly we treat our salesmen.

Be kind to your salesmen

This is a lesson that i want to teach a younger version of myself

When i was young i used to dislike salesmen and i used to think its a shitty job. A role or a designation that is unnecessary and unproductive or useless.

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov / Unsplash

Now i am in a situation where i have to market a product and i am starting to realize how much wrong i really was.

I am also learning to realize how much brutally we behave with our salesmen. And we don't treat them as human beings who in fact do deserve so much kindness and appreciation for their job.

Being a salesman is one of the most painful job and deserves more appreciation.

You cannot be a good salesmen unless you learn to accept rejections and not make a big deal about it. Most of the people don't have that capability.

Being a good salesman is a sign of humility and humbleness in your character.

So next time you reject your salesman try to understand his / her pain. He / She is a human being also and it must be crushing to face a rejection.

Its okay to reject something what you do not like and what you do not find useful. Its okay to say no. But you need to be more kind.

So next time you see someone who is trying to sell you something or trying to promote something. Its okay to reject them but atleast give an explanation for why you are rejecting them so that they get a better idea that could help them improve.

Every human being deserves kindness and salesmen are human beings also.