Benefits of not being a Celebrity

We are often find ourself fascinated by celebrity lifestyle and curse us for not being a celebrity. The not being a celebrity isnt as bad as you might believe.

Benefits of not being a Celebrity

We as people are so much obsessed with our fascination for celebrity lifestyle that we all want to be a celebrity at some point in our life. And this was what i used to believe also.

But as i am growing and becoming older priorities in my life are changing and i am starting to appreciate what i have.

We are always going after things that we don't have or we cant have but we fail to appreciate what we already have. And its important to appreciate what we have because it will give you peace of mind and a sense of gratitude !

Let us have a discuss the benefits of not being a celebrity

You have more privacy in your life

For celebrities privacy is a luxury that they cant have or struggle to have. What most of us common citizens take for granted is something celebrities struggle to have.

Life of Princess Diana is a perfect example that shows how being a celebrity can ruin the privacy. Princess Diana hated paparazzi and had huge dislike for being followed by paparazzi.

She was a kind of person who appreciated a private life and became a victim of her own celebrity status.

Princess Diana in her own words struggled to have things in her life which most of us take for granted. Things like privacy and freedom.

So this is reminder for us to learn to appreciate what we already have.

You have less need of security

Celebrities already have state funded security and they have arrangements for security.

But the freedom to move and go anywhere without the concern for your security is something that you can't have even if you have a really good security.

This is something that celebrities struggle to have in their life which we as common citizens already have.

You have more freedom in your life

Being a celebrity can surely give you more financial power and more connections. Which in turn can give you more freedom.

But the freedom that a financially independent common-citizen already has in his life is much more than what a celebrity life can give you. This is something we all fail to appreciate being a common citizen.

Being a common citizen you have less money and less security but at the same time you have less requirement of money, you have less need of security. You have less things to worry about.

Celebrities have lots of money which gives them financial freedom. But you don't have to be a celebrity to earn enough money that can give all the financial freedom you need in your life.

Technological revolution has enabled people to earn money from freelance jobs, work from home. It has become more easier these days to start your own online business and travel the world while you do your business.

All this freedom that you already have in your life just being a common citizen without the problems that comes in your life for being a celebrity.


Most of us as common citizens fail to appreciate that you as a common man is living a much better life compared to a celebrity life. You as a common man can potentially have more freedom in your life even compared to celebrities.

If i am offered to pick between two lives … a life of a celebrity or a life of a common middle class human being who has financial freedom and has enough time to spend with his family and friends.

I would pick a life of a common man … a life where few people know me and love me. I can enjoy and spend time with my family and friends and enjoy the freedom that i have.

Key takeaways from this discussion

Learn to appreciate what we already have. We as human beings are looking towards things we cant have or things we don't have but we fail to appreciate what we already have.

You can find happiness in little things in your life. And even having big things in your life can fail to give you happiness that you always wanted.

Sometimes life of less can be better than life of more.

It is more important to find happiness and inner satisfaction than becoming famous and rich.

The grass always looks greener on the other side. But we never see the problems that exist on the other side.