Best Libraries for Android

In this article we list some of the best libraries used for android development.

Standard Essential Libraries

These libraries have become an essential part of android ecosystem. They simplify android development to a great extent that you simply cannot imaging developing an android app without using them.

  1. Event Bus
  2. Retrofit
  3. Ok-Http
  4. Picasso
  5. Glide
  6. ButterKnife
  7. Dagger 2

User Interface Libraries

  1. Rough Hike Bottombar
  2. Smiley Rating :
  3. Gesture Views : Make an image Slider
  4. UCrop : Image Cropping and Resize Library
  5. Lottie : Animation Library by Airbnb

Other Good Libraries

  1. One Signal
  2. Fabric Crash Analytics
  3. Android Image Picker :