Celebrity Status seen through Vedic Astrology

Celebrity Status seen through Vedic Astrology
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The way the planets influence our personality is very much similar to the physical appearance of planets in the sky. The planets Sun and Moon are the biggest planets visible in the sky. What makes them special is the fact that they shine their light to the earth. Similarly people with prominent moon and sun are generally famous and popular and they have higher visibility in the society. You can take this association and generalize it also. People with prominent moon have a personality like moon which is soft-hearted and they have fair appearance,

General Patterns

These are some of the general patterns observed in the birth chart of celebrities

Prominent (Strong) First House, Prominent (Strong) 10th House, Prominent (Strong)  Moon, Prominent (Strong) Sun

Justification and explanation

Prominent (Strong) first house give you fame, jupiter, sun and moon in first house is commonly observed in the charts of celebrities

10th House is the house of fame and social status, this house lies directly above our heads, having strong / prominent 10 house gives you fame, strength of 10th house can determine your chances of obtaining fame and popularity

Prominent sun and moon in the birth chart also makes the person famous and popular. Sun and moon are luminaries and the biggest visible planets in the sky, they have special significance in the Vedic astrology. Having strong sun and moon can bring fame to the person.

Special Mentions

Personality of People with Prominent moon is exactly like the moon as seen in the sky from Earth, Personality of People with Prominent Sun is exactly like Sun seen in the Sky from the Earth

The light of moon is very calm, cool while the light of Sun is very intense and might burn you. But Light of Sun is life-giving and the source of everything.

Moon and Sun are biggest planets in the Sky and seen easily. People with prominent Sun and Moon are generally popular and famous and known across the world. People with prominent Moon has a personality like a mother irrespective of their Gender which is kind, peace-loving, feminine, soft-hearted and cool-headed

Generally Observed Positions

These are some of the Generally observed positions found in people with celebrity status. Celebrities have one or more of the following positions in their chart

Cancer Risings, Sun in first house, Moon in First House, Jupiter in First House (Jupiter Increase’s the strength of First House), Rahu in 10th House,  Saturn in 10th house, Jupiter in 10th House (Swami Vivekananda), Jupiter with Moon, Jupiter with Sun


Jupiter with Sun

Matt Mullenweg (Founder WordPress) , Sandeep Maheshwari (Founder ImagesBazaar)

Jupiter in first House

Barack Obama(44th President USA), Abdul Kalam (Former President India)

Jupiter in 10th House

Swami Vivekananda, Angelina Jolie, Keanu Reeves, Bruce Willis

Saturn in 10th House

Tina fey, Zooey Deschanal

Rahu in Tenth House

Mahatama Gandhi (Moon in Cancer with Rahu in 10th house), Shahrukh Khan (Actor), Robert Pattison( Actor), Julia Roberts (Actor), Donald Trump (politician), tom cruise(Moon and rahu in 10th house)

Moon in First House

Celebrities : Leonardo Di-caprio, Kate-winslet, kate holmes, Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanal,

politicians : Narendra Modi, Jawahar Lal Nehru