Glass is neither half empty nor half full

We are often been told to think positive ... but its a trap ... and not a healthy or a balanced way to think !

Glass is neither half empty nor half full

We have been told to see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

What i want to warn you here is this approach ( looking at only the positive side ) is flawed and it will get you in trouble.

The truthful perspective is neither glass half empty ... nor glass half full ! The person who wants to understand the truth would see the situation from both the perspective and then try to understand it.

Yes ... people who are trying to think positive see only the positive side of the life and situation and often ignore the negative side and then often they fall upside down in their life ! When you are ignoring the negative part of your life situation you are seeing only the 50 % or the truth and you are ignoring other 50 % of the truth.

Too much positivity and too much optimism  ! ... is a recipe for getting yourself f**d !!

Try to be realistic ... try to see the positive and negative side both and then judge the situation ! ...

Seeing only negative side is also bad for you because then you be overly critical and you will miss out of some really good opportunities in your life !

Seeing only the positive side and ignoring the negative side would make you over optimistic and you would make some bad decisions that you may regret later !

A more balanced and healthy way to looking at things is to see things from both the sides and not just from one side.