Downsizing in Life

We dont need to achieve more to find happiness sometimes happiness is simply obtained by appreciating what we already have.

Downsizing in Life
Photo by Prateek Katyal / Unsplash

Having few friends who truly love you is better than having many friends who doesn't love you.

Having a job which pay you less for doing what you like is better than having a job which pay you more for doing what you do not like.

Sometimes speaking fewer words is more effective.

Sometimes less can be better than more.

Sometimes what you need to be happy in your life is downsizing instead of pushing yourself to achieve more.

You can be happy by pushing yourself to achieve what you desire and you can also be happy by giving up your desires and be happy with what you have.

The latter pathway is a more easier way of finding happiness and inner satisfaction. It's a more spiritual path and the former one is a materialistic path.

We all desire to become famous and rich but it is not something which is required to find happiness in life. We can be happy with less also. And all the energy and time that you may be putting in trying to become famous and rich you can invest that energy into something more valuable for you like spending time with your friends and family.

Sometimes less can be more and sometimes having less can be better than having more.

You don't need more to be happy in your life. Sometimes you just need to appreciate what you already have in order to find happiness.