Few Tips to Overcome Depression

why depression occurs and what are some of the things we can do to overcome depression in life !

Few Tips to Overcome Depression

Depression is more common than you think. Everybody in human life go through depression at least once in a lifetime. There is nothing to be ashamed  about it. It’s how the human life is supposed to be.

We list below the common causes which occur in majority of the cases of depression. Addressing the following issues should help you overcome depression in most cases.

  1. Addictions
  2. Sexual Behaviour
  3. Eat Healthy
  4. Cleanliness and Hygiene
  5. Sleep Habits
  6. Work out and Exercise
  7. Watch out for negative thoughts
  8. Find a Purpose in your Life
  9. Dont rush when making Major Decisions
  10. Sometimes you just need a change or a push
  11. Loneliness

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There are many different kinds of addictions. Addiction to alcohol, smoking, and many other forms of addiction. Just keep in mind that any kind of addiction to substance can severely bring down your energy levels and results into long term depression.

Some people are more prone to addiction than other people. So if you are prone to addiction keep yourself away from alcohol, and any other substance which can be addictive.

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Sexual Behaviour

Sex is all forms is not the same. Different kinds of sexual behaviour have different vibrations. Some are positive, some are negative and some other are severely negative.

It depends on the kind of sexual behaviour you indulge in.

Sexual relationship with someone you genuinely love and care is okay. While indulging in pornography and adultery are the kind of behaviours which may severely degrade your emotional health.  Such behaviours may end up making you addicted to sex.

To keep your sexual behaviour under a safe boundary just ensure that you don’t have sex outside of a truly loving relationship. If you follow this safe boundary your sexual desire cools down and stay under safe limit and does not become addictive.

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Eat Healthy

We have an enitre article where we talk about healthy eating habits and healty food. Please read it here.

Link :

This African-American mother was shown in the process of teaching her young son how to properly wash his hands at their kitchen sink, briskly rubbing his soapy hands together under fresh running tap water, in order to remove germs, and contaminants, thereby, reducing the spread of pathogens, and the ingestion of environmental chemicals or toxins. Children are taught to recite the Happy Birthday song, during hand washing, allotting enough time to completely clean their hands.
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Cleanliness and Hygiene

From my own experience Lack of cleanliness and hygiene tends to bring down your energy levels. Wash your bedsheets, wash your clothes,  take a bath and keep your home clean whenever appropriate.

But yeah don’t overdo it. Just like you don’t need to eat if you are not feeling hungry. You don’t need to clean when things are not dirty.

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Sleep Habits

A good Sleep is one of the basic requirements of life. We need proper sleep just like we need food and water.

Don’t Compromise on it. Have enough sleep 8 hours per day. And i have heard that sleeping early and waking up early is the best policy for sleep.

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Work out and Exercise

There could be reasons due to which you may end up having a lifestyle which does not include a lot of physical work. This can be awful because our physical body is not designed for such a lifestyle. If you have less physical activity then it may degrade your health and even your mental performance.

By ensuring you have sufficient physical activity you ensure that your body has enough oxygen supply and your physical body remains in good shape and health.

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Watch out for Negative thoughts

If you are under consistent fear, you feel stressed out, worried please note that its not healthy. A healthy life is free from all fears, worries and anxieties.

Worry, stress, fear, anxiety and tension. These are all the signs of negative energies. If you are under some kind of fear, anxiety or worry.

Take a break, breathe and allow yourself to relax, sit down and have a glass of water and think with a cool head and relaxed mindset. You will find solutions and your fears will go away.

The realitiy is there is nothing to worry about and fear about. Its always just in our head.

If you ever find yourself worried about something or afraid of something just try to seek help, advice and reach out for guidance. You will surely find help and there is surely a way out.

Negative energies are based on false beliefs which are never true. They go away as soon you begin to see things from a truthful perspective.

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Find a Purpose in your life

A happy life is driven by a purpose and which gives us a sense of satisfaction and meaningful existance.

From my own experience i can tell that the best sense of satisfaction comes when you are able to do something useful to other people. And this is pretty much the same for each one of us.

We find meaning in our life when we are being useful to other people in some way. We can differ about how we can help others but true happines only comes from some kind of useful contribution to other people.

We can have geeky or nerdy interests but true satisfaction will now come unless we use our skills to help others.

We need to find what interests us, what we like and how can we use our skills to help other people. This is our true purpose and this is something that will give you the most happiness and satisfaction in your life.

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Major Decisions in your Life

Dont make any major desicion in your life without giving a proper thought because a bad decision can potentially ruin your life or atleast a few years of your life.

Every major decision i have taken without proper thinking and had been wrong and wasteful. If i just had researched properly i could have definitely saved few years of my life i spent in wasteful initiatives.

Dont worry you will find the right thing to do. But take your time to understand the situation and proceed only after you feel confident that you are doing a right thing.

Decisions like career, job, marriage, family and such. You should take these decisions only after proper thinking.

Just keep in mind never to rush and never make any decision under haste.

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Sometimes you just need a change or a push

Sometimes depression occur because your life has become too stagnant and boring. And you just need a change in your routine. Switch your job and change your city. Change your career or give your life a change it is looking for if your life feels too boring.

And also remember that sometimes you just need to push yourself to experience the new things in life which your soul has been waiting from so many days.

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You dont need to go out and make new friendships in order to overcome lonliness. Loneliness is often an outcome or a sign of an underlying problem or issue. If you end up feeling alone it does indicate some kind of issue or lack of purpose in life.

There are phases in everyone’s life when we may end up feeling alone. But they go away with time. You don’t need to actively pursue people for making new friendships. New friendships are formed automatically as we progress through our life.

We all have different life purpose and interests in our life and based on what interests us new relationships are formed and old relationships are broken up. Its just nature and its all automatic.