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Please Note : This section is an ongoing project / efforts to build a guide for healthy eating. You will find lot of the topics in this guide in an incomplete state. Efforts will be taken to finish these topics in the future.

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Problems in Indian Diet : Reduce pot belly and get in shape

Tips to get rid of Parasites

Links and Bookmarks

High carb hannah – experiments and insights on low / No salt diet

Happy Herbivore

Resources to study Raw Vegan Diet

Lissa raw food romance

Fully raw kristina

OkRaw – Youtube Channel

rawsynergytv – Youtube Channel

Olivia Budgen – Youtube Channel

Banana TV – It shows the experiments with Salt diet when you are eating a No-salt diet which is so much useful and informative for everyone to see how salt intake affects our health

ProGamerJay – Youtube Channel – this guy went on a 28 day water fast and find that experience really wonderful and life changing … he was overweight and water fasting helped him reduce the weight. Very good Insights and very useful. The best way to show the benefits of Water Fasting

Shine with Plants – Youtube Channel

Wholefoods Plant based cooking Show – By Jill Dalton – A very good experience of how whole foods can change and benefit the health.

Website :

Best Doctors

Dr. Neal Bernard  –  Vegan Doctor


Eat to live – Joel furnam

Reversing Diabetes by Dr. Neal Bernard