Ghost a better alternative to Wordpress

Recently i made a switch from wordpress to ghost and it has been such a wonderful experience ! I share with you my experience !

Ghost a better alternative to Wordpress

I had been a wordpress user for so many years. I recently made a switch to Ghost. It has been such a relief and a breath of fresh air. There are so many reasons why ghost makes writing and blogging such an enjoyable experience.

Ghost is lightweight and Snappier

If you're switching from wordpress the first thing that you will notice about ghost is that it's more snappier and lightweight and high performance.

Blogs created with Ghost perform better even in page speed analysis. And good performance makes much better user experience. You enjoy browsing a snappier website more compared to a slow one.

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Ghost is Simple, easy to use and less complicated

Ghost provides only minimal and essential features but that's not bad and actually a good thing. Because we as people end up wasting a lot of our time and energy due to features that doesn't provide any value to us.

So having a product which has only minimal but essential features is such a better experience. Because you don't get distracted and you feel more productive.

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It has a really good editor which you will fall in love with

Ghost editor is simple and easy to use.

The editor in wordpress is very clunky and buggy also. I am saying this after years of experience of writing on wordpress.

The editor on Ghost is very simple and easy to use that you will instantly fall in love with it. It is such a better experience if you're coming from a wordpress.

Wring on Ghost makes writing a very Enjoyable experience !

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It comes out of the box with Unsplash Integration

Adding images to your blog is now more easier. Ghost comes out of the box with Unsplash integration. Just search for an image and add it to your post. It is such a time saver.

Well you can add this feature in the wordpress also by installing a plugin but integration in Ghost is natural and more easy.

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It has a really good documentation and very easy to learn and install

If you're a developer and write code you will admire this. Ghost provides a very good documentation and comes with a CLI which makes it super simple to install and manage.

You can install it on your local PC. The Ghost CLI makes managing and Installing Ghost very easy and simple and really fast. You can setup an entire ghost blog in just 5 minutes to be precise.

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Hosting multiple Ghost blogs is easy

I have never tried hosting multiple Wordpress Blogs on a single VPS. But hosting multiple ghost blogs on one VPS is super simple so much that you don't need to take any special efforts to host multiple ghost blogs on single VPS.

Ghost CLI (a tool which simplifies the installation of ghost) gives you an option to configure NGINX. And that automatically allows you to host multiple blogs on one VPS.

I used to host 3 wordpress blogs on 3 different VPS but now i switched to ghost and i run 3 ghost blogs on just one VPS.

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The caveat

If you are looking for simple and easy to use software for blogging then Ghost is a very good option.

But Ghost is designed specifically for Blogging Only. So if you want to build a website then Ghost may not be an answer to your needs.

To create a website a Static website can be a better option. Because you can be more creative with it.

Summary and Final words

Ghost is simple and less complicated which enables you to be more productive. It has a very good editor that makes writing a very enjoyable experience.

But it is designed specifically for blogging only not to create a website. if you want just a blog than ghost is no-doubt one of the best options available right now !