Intelligence seen through vedic astrology

Unlike what most of the people believe ... the indicators of intelligence are quite different ... let us explore ... what signifies intelligence in vedic astrology

Intelligence seen through vedic astrology

Mana(in sanskrit) – Moon – Mind … Do you see any similarity in these words ?

Yes moon = (equals) mind … mood and mind are actually the same thing.

Moon represents mind not emotions. Prominent Moon makes someone sensitive but phlegmatic – unemotional … cool headed and calm.

Moon is often associated with someone who is emotional. Moon doesn’t make you emotional it actually makes you cool headed which means someone who has phlegmatic personality and someone who is unemotional.

But yeah moon makes you appreciative of emotions and therefore people with prominent moon are more likely to show their emotions compared to people who don't show emotions but do experience emotions.

Moon ... a planet of intelligence … that’s seems to be a paradox … why ? because moon is often associated with emotions but and emotional people are often considered as non-intelligent.

If we consider intelligence then it reminds us of Isaac Newton. Isaac newton is considered the father of modern science.

But most of you would not be aware the Issac Newton was a very sensitive and emotional human being. He was so much sensitive that he did not published his book out for many years just out of the fear of criticism.

So if you study Issac Newton and all the good scientists they were humanitarian and they all valued human emotions and have an appreciation towards humanity and human emotions.

To say that just because you have emotions you are not an intelligent person is actually not true.