Jupiter in vedic astrology

Jupiter in vedic astrology
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(luck and positive energy, truth and wisdom)

Positive thinking, hope and optimitism, ability to difference between truth and untruth, right and wrong, luck, positive energy, happy go lucky personality (happy go lucky personality is because of good moon and Jupiter both),

Personality Traits

Everybody has jupiter somewhere in their birth chart. A jupiter is a source of positive energy, happiness, wisdom and luck. You will have a natural confidence and lot of positive energy and expertize and achieve success very easily in the field or area where jupiter is situated in your birth chart. Jupiter is a planet of hope and optimism. Jupiter gives the hope and makes a person quite optimistic. Jupiter gives you a sense of being lucky in your life because you get success easily in the area where your jupiter is situated.

A natural profession for jupiterians is in the government. Because they love to define the law and have a strong liking for justice. The highest officials in the Government are the Jupiterians (People with prominent jupiter in their horoscope). Barack Obama (President USA) is a perfect example of a Jupiterian personality. He was a top official in Government. This is how a Jupitarian really is. Jupiterians make highest ranking government officials. Jupiterians also make the best professors because they love teaching and educating others. Swami Vivekandana and President Abdul Kalam (Former President of India) are also an example of Jupiterian Personality.

lucky, professor, teacher, wisdom seeker, truth seeker, works with government and law, love for fairness, justice and rightousness, love for philosophy, higher authority in government, spiritual and truth seeking like swami vivekananda

Special Traits of Planet Jupiter

jupiter acts as an amplifier and purifier of energy, it amplifies the energy and purifies the negativity wherever it is situated, for example if you have moon with jupiter this will amplify the energy of moon in your birth chart people with moon with jupiter show traits of strong moon personality this is because jupiter amplifies the energy of moon in this position.

Common Professions for jupiterian personality

Teacher, professors, high ranking government officials

Prominent Positions

Jupiter in First House, Jupiter in tenth house, Jupiter In ninth house, jupiter in fifth house, Jupiter with Saggitarious


Higher Authority in Governemnt : Barack Obama (President- USA) (Jupiter in frist House)

Spiritual Teacher : Swami Vivekananda, Abdul Kalam (Former President India)