Ketu : How to overcome danger's of ketu

Ketu : How to overcome danger's of ketu
Photo by Jacob Granneman / Unsplash

Although most of the people dont recognize and realize but besides saturn ketu is one of the most dangerous planets which can potentially cause lot of damage to your life.

Ketu entices you with the materialistic desires but its more likely a trap where unsuccess pain and suffering is waiting for you in that direction. Ketu is more like a way you are paying for your past karmic debts.

I have seen people who were millionares and Crorepati’s gone bankrupt in their ketu dasha and to an extent their life’s become worse than beggars. These crorepati’s had taken huge loan and they were unable to pay back their debt / loan. The beggar doesnt have a loan and debt on his shoulders but these millionares and crorepati’s got debt on their shoulders and were unable to pay off their debt. Having a debt on your shoulder’s which you cannot pay makes your life worse than a beggar.

Ketu makes you make Silly Decisions

Both ketu and rahu give you an intense desire to obtain something and people go crazy in order to obtain that thing. This craziness makes people make silly and irresponsible and reckless decisions in their rahu or ketu dasha. So people should evaluate their options and not take risky decisions in the ketu dasha.

If you are taking a huge amount of loan for your bussiness in your ketu dasha please take back your decision. Most likely it is a trap and it may lead you to a worst situation.

Solutions to overcome the Dangers of Ketu

Give up materialistic path in your life and turn on to spirituality

Ketu gives people so much pain and suffering that in the end the person gets furstruated and abandons the materialistic paths automatically. But still as a precaution dont wait for losing everything. Even before you lose everything start to give up your materialistic desires.

If you desire fame. Give up your desire to obtain fame. If you desire to obtain money then give up your desire for money.

Stop blaming other people and forgive them and move on with your life

Ketu gives you so much pain that sometimes people get hurt and they want to take revenge. In that process they can behave like criminals also.

One of the best thing to overcome the feelings of revenge is to understand and realize that whatever pain we go through in our life is because of our own past life karma. We must have hurt other people in our past lives and this is one of the reasons we have to go through so much pain in this life.

Have faith in god. God is always fair and god always provides justice. God will never give you pain and suffering in your life without any of your mistake and fault. Therefore if your life gives you pain and suffering we mush accept it as our own and do not blame it on other people.

One of the best example of this observation is Serial Killer Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy got rejected from his girlfriend and this rejection hurt him so much that he become a serial killer who would kill women and murder women.

So we must learn to forgive other people for the pain and suffering they have given you. If you dont forgive them most likely you will ruin your life also. Therefore learning to forgive others is the best way to move forward in your life.

We should also understand that nobody can get away from their mistakes and sins. God always has a record of misktakes you commit in your life. If someone has treated you with disrespect. Please be aware that someday they will definitely face the results of their wrong doning and they will definitely get justice.

Have faith in God and have faith that god will provide you justice.