Misunderstanding is not lack of understanding

What does it means when someone misunderstands you ?

Misunderstanding is not lack of understanding
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Lack of understanding and misunderstanding are not the same thing.

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If someone simply does not understand you enough the understanding can be developed when you spend more time with each other. But if someone tends to misunderstand you it's not something that can be fixed very easily. They will tend to misunderstand you again and again in a same way repeatedly.

If someone misunderstands you it's a part of failure on their side and something for which you are not responsible. It's not your fault that other person misunderstands you.

Misunderstanding which hurts you and pains you is a RED FLAG that relationship is not compatible ... don't waste your time ... save your ass and walk away ... it's not worth your time and energy !

All my life i believed that i could fix the relationship and may be it will get better with time. But i have seen people who misunderstand you likely don't change. Then i realized that misunderstanding and lack of understanding are not the same thing.

People who are good and people who may potentially love you and care about you may have less understanding about you but they will not misunderstand you. If someone misunderstands you in a way it's painful then he is not the kind of person who CAN love you.

... may be the kind of misunderstanding is not so much painful and it could be so silly that it doesn't bother you ...  you have to see whether you can accept the person the way they are or if you cannot its better to let the relationship go away.

If you're thinking somehow you will make the other person understand you ... you are in for a long hard battle. And often it's not worth that much pain.

You will do yourself the big favor if you could simply let go of that relationship !