Mars in vedic astrology

Mars in vedic astrology
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aggression, anger problems, desire to compete, selfish tendency, tendency to dominate, soldier, raw sexual desire

Personality Traits

love for physical activities, sports, gym and body building, quick and intense temper, selfishness , anger problems, tendency to dominate, love for competition and desire to win the competition, tendency to compete, wars, anger problems, high sex drive, soldier, loves for army and defence forces


Mars is a planet of war and violance and anger.

In bhagavad gita god described anger as one of the biggest destroyer of world and peace. Mars is a malefic planet. And mars is the cause of the one of the biggest destructions in the human society.

Mars signifies anger problems, desire to compete, love for army and defence forces, sex drive, selfish nature and underdeveloped perspective and backward thinking. People with prominent mars have anger problems, they get angered very easily. Mars bring low-level primitive underdeveloped thinking / perspective and its a selfish planet, it makes a person quite selfish and think on a low materialistic level. For example a person with mars is more likely to think from a racist perspective. President Donald trump is one of the example of prominent mars. But in the case of President Trump i would also like to add that he has moon in the fourth house, which indicates a genuine and kind person who desires to help others, loves and cares for his family and people in general. Therefore i would like to warn here that we should not be quick to judge people by one planetary position and look for the overall chart.

People with prominent mars (Strong mars) can lack mercy, they can be extremely cruel and very rude and arrogant. I would say heartless people who lack mercy. If you have a friend who can be very rude and lack even the basic human warmth and dont even realize it. Look at his chart he might have mars prominent.

A personality of a person is a mixture of all the planets and influence in his chart so we should not judge person by just one planet. A person with prominent mars with other good factors in his horoscope can still be a very good person. The best example of this is Narendra Mode who has mars and moon in first house.

Prominent Positions

If planet mars is situated in the following positions in your birth chart the it becomes quite strong and prominent.

Mars with Rahu, mars in first house, mars in seventh house,


Donald Trump (Mars in first house)