Moon in vedic astrology

Moon in vedic astrology
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Astrological Information

Moon rules cancer rashi, lord of fourth house, exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio

Moon Represents

Purpose in Life, Interests, ability to see big picture, ability to understand concepts, mind and intelligence

**Special **Significance

Moon and Sun hold special significance in astrology, if you consider all planets as family Sun represents father and moon represents Mother of the family. People with prominent moons have a personality like mother of the family and they

Personality Traits

Love for home and homely environment, love for cooking, intuitive, sensitive, understand others intentions easily, understand concepts easily, ability to see big picture, good at learning things, love for Mother, feminine energy, personality like a mother, associate with females and very kind towards women, men with good moon are very kind towards women and treat them with respect, soft hearted, cool headed and emotionally stable person, peace loving, love for arts and culture, famous and popular – moon and sun are luminaries (people with prominent sun or moon are generally famous and popular) , celebrity status, charming and youthful appearance, good at business and become good entrepreneurs, love for vedic astrology, good memory of past, love for family and friends, people oriented, big eyes, very sensitive to surroundings, believe in love and romance, flirtatious, emotional attraction towards opposite gender, peace loving, kind, liking for freedom and dislike for dominance, belief in spirits and angels, love for travelling and meeting people of different cultures, seek happiness, happy go lucky, satvik personality, moody, their mood changes quickly which can make them appear bipolar

Associations** with Cognitive Functions**

Cognitive Function intuition is associated with Planet Moon – MBTI types with Dominant Intuitive generally have prominent Moon, ENTP, INFJ. If you type yourself as ENTP, INFJ’s you are most likely have prominent moon in your vedic birth chart.

Physical Features

Big eyes, charming and youthful appearance, feminine appearance, tendency to become fat and gain weight if the person is not taking care,

Positions for Prominent Moon

These are some of the positions which make moon prominent or strong in your birth chart.

Moon in First House, Moon in Fourth House, Cancer Rising – Cancer Lagna, Moon in Cancer, Moon with Rahu, Moon with Ketu, Moon with Jupiter


Celebrity Status : Leonardo DiCaprio (Moon in First House), Kate Winslet (Moon in first), Kate Holmes (Moon and Jupiter in First House) , Princess Diana (Moon with Ketu)

Famous and Popular : Leonardo Da Vinchi (liked by the king), Lord Rama (Moon in first house in cancer)

Feminine Appearance : leonardo de Caprio (Moon in First House)

Big Eyes : Katy Perry(Moon in First House) , Zooey Deschanal (Moon in First House)

Love for Cooking : Gordon Ramsey (Moon in Fourth House),

Love for Mother : Narendra Modi (PM India)(Moon in First House),

Love for Travelling : Narendra Modi (PM India)

Work for betterment of women : Amir Khan (Actor – works for betterment of women), Keanu Reeves (loves his sister and very kind towards women)

Supportive for Business and Entrepreneurs : Narendra Modi (PM India) (Moon in First House), Bill Gates (Cancer Rising), George Bush (Cancer rising and Moon with Jupiter),

Peace Loving : Mahatma Gandhi (Moon in Cancer with Rahu in Tenth House)

Famous Psychic’s and Intuitive : Lisa Williams (Moon with Jupiter in 8th house)