Non Intrusive advertizing / Marketing

If you have been though a lecture where you wanted to sleep rather than listen your teacher you would be able to understand the difference between being lectured and being educated.

I have been through an experience of being a teacher and i have lectured my own students and i know much how aweful it feels to lecture your students even as a teacher. Lecturing your students feel aweful for both teacher and students. It doesnt feel good for anyone. But sometimes we just go thought it because of the SYSTEM we are put inside. Teachers have been made do deliver lectures even when they know they dont truly like it and students dont like it. Its just a screwed up system.

Being educated and being lectured are not the same thing. Education comes from self interest or desire or when we are genuinely interested in learning what we have been offered. While most of us fail to absorb what we have been offered as a lecture because emotionally or mentally we are not yet ready or prepared to aborb or grasp or comprehend the content we are offered to understand and learn.

Marketing and Education are not so much different. I would say education is just more refined form of marketing. Or Marketing is more downgraded version of education.

We are supposed to be educating people and we end up lecturing people and thats marketing. Nobody likes being lectured and therefore we offer people some kind of favor / incentive / compensation to sit and listen to our Lecturing campaign which we call our marketing campaign.

Speaking in a plain simple language a non-intrusive advertizing is a kind of marketing which people find they are being educated rather than being lectured. Something where people genuinely want to see and learn.

When most of the people say we have been mindful of not trying to lecture the people and they are still LECTURING people rather than educating them. Most of the people we are still confused and not aware of the difference between between Lecturing people and educating them.

So we need to have some kind of technical and clear defination that could help us differentiate between intrusive advertizing or non-intrusive advertizing.

Technically we can say the advertizement is a form of intrusive advertizing when the End-User (The final consumer of the advertizement) is being compensated / offered a favor / or offered an incentive for consuming (watching, hearing or in any other form) the advertizement

It is okay to compensate the creators, artists, workers of advertizement for their time and efforts. Artists who help create the content becasue they are giving their time and efforts. And anyone who gives time for their job deserves compensation.

But the End-User is a consumer of the service. He is being educated. When i am being educated i am being beneficiary. Why would i demand a compensation for something which i find educational. Something which truly helps me. I might demand an incentive but not the compensation.

If being a End-User and i am asking a compensation / favor / incentive

You would compensate an End-User to watch your advertizement only

Tips for creating a non-intrusive marketing campaigns

Its not the numbers its the usefulness which matter more. The number of people you have reached doesnt matter much. What matters more is how many people you have reached who genuinely like your service or product. You can pour huge money to lure people into watching your advertizements and gain huge eyeballs but thats not going to create a long term success for your product.

Go after effeciency not numbers

Have you heard the saying which says its better to have few genuine good friends rather than having 100’s of not so good friends.  As a single human being we dont truly have the time to genuinely connect with 100’s of other people as TRUE friends. So when we attempt to make more than 100’s of friends we might end up having 100’s of not so genuine friends where there is not a single friend who truly understands you and connects with you.

Seek effeciency NOT numbers

It doesnt matter how many people you reach what matters more is out of the people you have reached how much they truly value and like your product or service.

Its better to have few customers who genuinely find your product useful rather than having 1000’s of customers who have just shown some interest due to marketing hype but are not genuinely interested in your product or service.

If your marketing campaign does not work without offering people some kind of incentive / favor / compensation to the end-user ( customer ) … it is a sign / indication that we need to improve our campaign or there is some problem with our campaign

Incentive doesnt need to be always come in a form of money it can even be provided in a non-monetary form. Take for example advertizements on youtube. Nobody is paying you money to watch these advertizements. But you still being compensated even if you are not aware.

Video streaming is supposed to be a paid service which is being offered free of cost to you on youtube as a compensation for watching advertisements. This is how you are being compensated for watching adverts on youtube.

Streaming video is not free of cost service. It is actually a paid service because it costs lot of money to setup servers and bandwidth to stream the videos from a website.

Normally you would be required to pay the website if you want to watch a video on that website. In the case of youtube the advertizer pays it for you.

Therefore advertizements on Youtube is an example of Intrusive Advertizing. Because the End-User is being compensated for watching the advertizement.

Examples of Intrusive Advertizing

Television Commertials

Advertizements of Youtube

Its better to be hated for who you are then to be loved for who you are not

Everybody dislikes being hated but being loved for who you are NOT is worse than being hated. Most peopole dont understand this. They just go after obtaining popularity and then realize its not what they were truly looking for.

Seek appreciation not Popularity

You might be popular but nobody truly understands you and appreciates you and you might be less popular but still lot of people appreciates you and understands you. Appreciation is more important than popularity.

While marketing we often do it with an objective of seeking popularity and this is not a good thing.

Sometimes some of our marketing campaigns do end up getting popular and its a good thing. But seeking popularity should not be your goal or objective while marketing. The objective must be to win people’s genuine appreciation and benefit them. Something which people truly find useful and offer their blessing from the inside of their heart.

These blessings are your true measure of success.

Dont market for generating popularity do the marketing the win people’s genuine appreciation. Something which genuinely benefits people.

When you are marketing a product ask these questions to yourself …

Do you genuinely believe in the usefulness and claims of the product you are marketing for ?

Does your product genuinely benefit the customer and help them ?

If you were the end user would you like to buy the service or product you are selling or marketing for ?

If the answer to these questions is NO. Its a red flag. And you as an individual should not lower your standards to do this job. Dont get involved in a marketing campaign unless you get YES for all the above questions.