Paid Services are better than free services

Free services look attractive on the surface but they are not always the best option ! We explore why paid services are better than free services !

Paid Services are better than free services

There is no such thing as a free lunch and that is true. The concept of free services although looks attractive on the surface is not really sustainable. And what is not sustainable cannot survive in the market and economy.

The free services are not free really. They are more like a trap which companies use to honeytrap their customers, kill competition and make customers dependent on them and when the customers become dependent on these services they become a means for these companies to exploit their customers and people in general. And establish a monopoly and dominate the market.

Paid services in many ways are better than free services because they are at least being honest about what they are offering and how much these services really cost.

The Differentiation between free - services vs Open-Source and nonprofits

Free services are often linked to charity, nonprofits and an ecosystem of open-source projects. And saying that free services are a trap is like saying nonprofits and open - source projects are evil. Nonprofits and open-source are not evil and as we discuss further we will see that open -source and nonprofits in a true sense are not really a free service.

Lets talk about open-source

Open - Source although looks like a free service on the surface is not really a free service its just a more flexible and relaxed, and liberalized way of offering services. Where a service is offered to you and you can pay at your own convenience by donating to the project when you like as you like. In my opinion it's one of the best and most efficient and productive way to offer a service to the people.

Open-Source without proper funding is not sustainable and does not produce good results. All the open-source projects which are highly successful are those who have received funding in some way or another. That validates the fact that although open-source projects look like free services they are not truly free. They are just open and that has its own advantages over proprietary closed-source systems.

Speaking about Nonprofits wikipedia is one of the best examples of how a nonprofit functions

Wikipedia looks like a free service on the surface is not really a free service. Its a service which is funded by donations. I would say wikipedia offers a more flexible, liberalized and simple way of paying for the service. Which is open and democratic and humanistic.

People who love wikipedia would naturally have an obligation to prevent it from dying and hence would be compelled to donate ! Therefore we can't really say wikipedia is a free service !

Let us get back to the discussion about free services

From the above examples we can see that there is no such thing as a free service.

Services which are advertised or marketed as free service are more like a trap which appears really good in the beginning and but end-up being very painful in the long run.

Nonprofits and Open-Source should not be confused as free services. They simply offer a more convenient and flexible way of paying for a service which makes it so much beneficial for humanity. Services like wikipedia are funded by donations which is good because you can choose to pay at your own convenience.

Companies with deep pockets use free services to kill competition and trap their customers and make the customers dependent on them. Then when they see that the customers have become dependent on them. They use that to exploit the situation and monopolize the markets.

I can give you examples of that in the real economy and discuss in detail but i would refrain from doing that because then these companies would put lawsuits on me for defaming them and i don't want to waste my time fighting these companies.

So i will just share with you my observations and educate you how you can learn to differentiate between the good and the evil. And then you can learn to use your common sense and prevent yourself falling the trap of so called free services.

If you have been offered a chance to choose between a free service or a paid service try to look deeper. And don't just blindly go for a free service !

Paid services which are honest about how much they cost and are affordable are the best services. Keep in mind that wikipedia is also a paid service because its funded by people like us !

Services which funded by donations like wikipedia and open-source projects are not evil.

Services which try to provide a free trial so that people can try them and check them out for a temporary period are not evil also. Because they are simply helping customers gain a better understanding about that service.

Services which are marketed as free services and are not funded by donations  or funded by your government in the public interest can potentially turn out to be evil. Or even if they are not created with evil intentions they have the potential to become evil, manipulative and exploitative in the long run.

You should be skeptical about such services. They are more like a trap for trapping you and society in general.

Its like how a drug dealer may give you free drugs in the beginning. Because he knows when you become dependent on drugs. He can exploit your drug addiction in his favor !

Such free services are evil because they kill competition and create job losses in the economy and give rise to monopoly in the markets.

Services which are offered below a reasonable price or manufacturing price are also potentially evil. Because they are done with the intentions of killing the competition and monopolizing the market.

When you are offered a service for free or unreasonably low cost you need to be skeptical and try to look deeper. Why the service is being offered for free. Is is offered with good intentions and good purpose. Or is it offered with evil intentions.

Evil intentions like killing the competition, monopolizing and dominating the market.

Don't support free services which are evil because they appear good in the beginning but end up destroying our economy, create job losses and end up making us people addicted and dependent on these services. Which in the end is used to exploit and manipulate people.

Learn to use your common - sense and learn to differentiate between good and evil !