Physical representation of planets and its association with personality

Physical representation of planets and its association with personality
Photo by NASA / Unsplash

The physical representation of planet is very much similar to the actual personality traits given by the planet.
In the solar system as seen from the earth. Sun and Moon are the two biggest planets in the sky. Sun is the giver of energy. Moon reflects the light of sun. The light of the Sun’s can burn you and you need to protect yourself from sunlight but suns light is life giving and essential for your existance. Moon’s light is cool and calm and it will not burn you.

People who have prominent sun in their personality. Their personality is like the actual sun in the sky. They are generally popular, and life giving, there presence can burn your ego. and they have lot of leadership qualities.

Sun and Moon both are the largest visible planets in the sky. They are called luminaries. Other planets are not easily visible to the naked eye and not as large as sun and moon. The light of sun and moon illuminates the entire earth. People with prominient Sun and Moon achieve celebrity status in society and are quite famous and popular. Most of the people who are celebrities they have prominent sun and moon in their charts. which you can verifiy form your own study and analysis.

You can see the actual physical representation of planets in the sky can revel and have direct association with the personality given by that planet. You can generilise this in this principle can help you predict various other personality traits.

People with prominent moon are moody and their mood changes often. This can associated with moon. The moon is the only planet in the sky which changes its apperance so often.

The light of moon is very clam and cool and does not burn you but the moon is not the source of energy it only reflects the light of sun. The light of the sun is very intence and can burn you, but the sun light is life giving and is very essential for the existance of life. The personality of moon is like the mother of the family and the personality of sun is like the father of the family. The father although has huge ego and chilren may be afraid to approach their father but the light of father is the source of the energy in the family. The mother is more approachable for the children and unlike sunlight the light of mother does not burn you. Is is very much soft and cool. So you can see how the real personality of sun and moon is associated with their actual physical apperance in the sky.

People with prominent sun have the personality of father figure irrespective of their gender, people with prominent moon have the personality of mother figure irrespective of their gender.

If you consider the solar system as a family. Sun would be the father, moon would be the mother and all other planets would be the children of the family. The father and the mother are the adults and the most significant members of the family.

The light of sun and moon together illuminates the entire earth and gives life on earth. Similarly the people with prominent sun and moon illuminates the entire society with their personality. They bring something into the society which brings more life in the society.

People with prominent moon have fair apperance which is similar to the color of moon. Sun has a orange color.