Pluto, Control and Trauma

Pluto represents an area of life where we will suffer the most manipulation, control and trauma.

Pluto, Control and Trauma

Natal Pluto or Transit pluto represents an area of life where a person is likely to suffer the most trauma.

I have natal pluto in my 4th house which is the house of home and real estate. Finding a house (real estate) was one of the most traumatic experience in my life. Because i never felt satisfied with any house and i was always looking for a perfect home that i never found.

Then my transit pluto transited through my 6th house which is the house of health and diet. I tried to control my diet and i experimented with various types of diet. I tried fruitarian diet, raw diet, i tried reducing my weight, i tried fasting, i tried giving up oil, salt, dairy and so much. Ultimately ruining my health to the point that i was about to die.

Pluto seeks perfection and i was looking for a perfect house and a perfect health. And in my persuit for perfect health i pushed my body to an extent that my body was unable to bear the control and manipulation i was doing to my own body.

I gave up eating things that i really enjoyed and liked so much. Therefore in this case i manipulated and controlled my own body. And it got to the point i was about to die due to lack of essential nutrients and vitamins.

The lesson that i learned ultimately is to keep the faith in this universe. And realize that whatever that is given to you by the universe is already perfect for you. And when you become aware of this you stop looking for perfection elsewhere.

Trauma is caused not because of us being controlled by other people or situations. Because nobody else can control us unless we allow. Trauma is caused because we control our own soul due to lack of faith and trust in universe and fear or doubt.

Pluto represents an area of our life where our vulnerabilities will be exposed and we will be forced to give up control. Our pain would not go away unless we learn to surrender to the universe and keep the faith in universe.