Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu
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crazinness, desires, moha and maya, intense attraction towards something

Common Traits

Mohini energy, moha and maya, things which attracts you and traps you by attracting you, rahu and ketu represents an attraction which is a trap that traps you into this materialistic world,  ketu and rahu makes a person become intensely attracted towards things, a blind attraction which does not care about even ethical and moral sense, people forget their ethical and moral sense in order to obtain and fulfill their materilistic desires caused by rahu or ketu, under the inflence of rahu and ketu people can do whatever to obtain those things which attracts them.

Difference between rahu and ketu

although rahu and ketu share some common traits but their are some specific differences between them

rahu gives sense of superiority and pride, while ketu gives sense of inferiority lack of confidence, both give intense attraction towards something but intensity of attraction will be slowly diminish in case of ketu until the ketu person completely gives up his desires, rahu will fulfill your desires while ketu will not fulfill and instead take away everything that you desire, rahu aquires karmic debt a karmic loan, while ketu represents the pain and suffering we go through in order to pay our karmic loan / debt which we aquired in the past


intense attraction towards something, gives sense of superiority and pride, desires are fulfilled but karmic debt is aquired which needs to be paid in future, amplifies the energy which is similar to the way jupiter does, gives you success and fulfills your materialistic desires but remember you have to pay for your karmic debts in future or next life,


unlike rahu ketu gives sense of inferiority, attraction is there but intensity of attraction is lower compared to rahu, takes away everything that is material, through all of the pain and suffering you are paying the karmic debt for your past actions, gives psychic abilities, ketu can give huge pain and suffering to people who live materialistic lifestyle, giving up materialistic desires is the only way to overcome all the pain and suffering

Precautions for Ketu

ketu attracts you towards materialistic things but it never fulfills and never gives you what you desire, ketu is more like a trap, ketu attracts you towards materialistic things but ketu takes away everything that you desire in this materialistic world, person in persuit of his materialistic desires obtains unsuccess so many times that finally he gets frustruated and he desides to give up all of his materialistic desires, in this way ketu teaches you to give up your materialistic desires and brings the person towards spirituality, if your materialisic desire is because of ketu please understand that it will never be fulfilled and instead it will only give you unsuccess and pain, if you give up those desires early you can save yourself from pain and suffering, giving up your materialistic desires is the only and best way to overcome the harmful traits of ketu

Examples :

Psychic abilities : Lorna bryne (author of angles in my hair) (moon with ketu in cancer)

Loss of materialistic status : Princess Diana – has moon with ketu, moon represents a princess and queen, moon with ketu represents loss of title of queen, but this was only a materialistic loss because despite the loss of title of princess, she was still admired by the people as princess and she once said although she lost the title of princess but she is still the princess of people’s hearts which still remains true.

famous cases of ketu’s influence

Harshad Mehta Case

Read the full analysis of harshad mehta’s case at this link :

Harshad mehta is known as one of the biggest scammer of the stock market, he was responsible for one of the biggest scam on the stock market, harshad mehta’s case is interesting because the time duration when harshat metha started scamming people and went to jail and died has a direct associal with his ketu maha dash. He started scamming people when his ketu mahadasha started and finanally his scam got uncovered and he went to jail and later he died at the end of his ketu mahadasha which lasted 7 years,

Harshad Mehta has ketu with jupiter in 10th house, 10 house represents social status, this shows that ketu in case of harshad mehta will entice him towards obtaining higher social status and he will even not hesitate to do immoral and unethical things in order to fulfill his desires to obtain higher social status, the influence of ketu started showing when harshad mehta’s ketu mahadasha started, it was then when he started scamming people

Harshad Mehta’s case shows you how ketu traps you and entices you to fulfill your materialistic desires but its a trap because instead of fulfilling your desires ketu will only give you more pain and suffering and unsuccess, this case also validates that there is a sting associated with ketu, there will be a major change after ketu dasha is over which will provide you with sense of release, in the case of harshad mehta, he went though heart attack and died at the end of his ketu dasha, which in spiritual terms a release from his suffering and a major change in his spirit life.

Princess Diana Case