Patterns repeating in Your life

Patterns repeat in our life. In this article we will try to understand why those patterns repeat and how to overcome them.

Patterns repeating in Your life

You get out of a painful life situation having a feeling of relief and thinking that somehow you will avoid and you will never get into such painful situation again in your life.

And bingo your life somehow again puts you in the very similar painful situation which you were thinking of avoiding.

This is the beauty of life.

Exams and Tests which we have failed in our life we have to repeat them until we get it right. We simply cannot run away from those exams.

Nature / God / Universe is a harsh but caring teacher and it wants you to learn from you mistakes and you cannot simply skip those exams and tests. Until you learn your lessons and pass those exams.

Patterns repeat in our life because we have made a mistake and we are given an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and do the right thing.  

Things we fear the most haunt us and keep coming back to us again and again in our life. Things we hate the most follow us !

You are made to face all of those things because Nature / God / Universe wants you to understand and realise there is nothing you need to fear, there is nothing to you should hate !

You cannot get out of a bad relationship or a difficult situation by AVOIDING that relationship or avoiding that Difficult situation. You can surely get out of this bad relationship and difficult situation by learning those lessons and correcting those negative beliefs which got you in that relationship and difficult situation in the first place.

Change comes from Inside not Outside

Your life will not change by changing your relationships or running away from difficult situation i mean you can do it but its not enough. Your life will truly change by learning and improving your thoughts and beliefs.

Your negative thoughts and your fears are the true cause which puts you in any negative situation. So in order to truly get out of negative situations you need to overcome your negative thoughts and beliefs.