Saturnian Relationships

In this article we will study relationships which has saturnian influence and understand how it works !

Saturnian Relationships

Saturn represents fear, tension, anxiety, depression, worries, tendency to keep things under control and restrict the natural flow and spontaneity, serious outlook towards life – or any specific area of life – where your saturn is situated, saturn represents tendency to work hard, belief in hard work and struggle,  liking for stability, materialistic outlook towards life, underdeveloped and immature thinking – (from the perspective of people who think spiritually), old fashioned and conservative outlook, attraction towards old things and things of past which could express itself as liking for vintage … having an extreme point of view can be sign of saturn’s influence also …

A Heart Inside a cage is something which best symbolizes saturn’s influence in your life

Everybody has saturn somewhere in their chart so everybody face these emotions in their life. What we fear can be different but we all have faced our fears and we all understand what fear really is … Some people are overall more fearful and predominantly driven by fear while some others are less driven by fear. But we all at some point in life have faced our fears …

If you feel extremely stressed out in relationships and you are fearful of relationships then it is a sign that you have (probably have) saturn influencing your relationships.

You are very fearful of relationships and this fear can manifest in two ways. You like and enjoy a relationship but you are really afraid of getting into the relationship and enjoy that relationship. On the other hand when you get into a relationship you are really fearful of letting go or a possible relationship breakup – [the other person wants to move away but you want to hold on ]…even when you are  no longer enjoying the relationship because you are afraid of letting go.

A person with Saturnian influence (on relationships) takes a long time to enter in a relationship (because of fear) and when he does somehow ends up entering into a relationship it takes a long time to leave the relationship because he is fearful of letting go.

A saturnian relationship is a relationship which gets dragged really really long even if it’s really depressing and lacking happiness.

Saturn has a tendency to slow things down … and progress does happen but it happens very slowly.

You can see that saturn has a tendency to restrict the natural flow of what your soul truly desires and what your heart truly wants. Saturn restricts the spontaneity. When your heart wants to pursue a relationship / enjoy a relationship your saturn tells you to hold on and restricts you from pursuing and enjoying that relationship. When your heart / soul wants to move on … let go because you no longer enjoys a relationship … your saturn tells you to hold on … because you are afraid of letting go !

Bingo welcome to planet saturn – this is what saturn really is ! this is how saturn spreads its awesome and dark influence upon your life !

If you have been in a saturnian relationship you must have suffered a lot. You feel hurt and rejected because when you need the other person he is not really there for you. At the same time you feel restricted and depressed because the other person does not let go of the relationship even if the relationship is no longer enjoyable and feels really depressing.

Such a relationship drags through and lasts really long even when it is very depressing relationship.

Saturn is commitment oriented and desires commitment in relationship. Well having a long lasting relationship is good … there is nothing wrong about long lasting relationships because it CAN be a sign of true affection towards the other person. But relationships are supposed to last long because of your true desire – because you truly enjoy the relationship not because of some kind of contract that binds you in that relationship. So any kind of relationship where the contract or commitment is taken very seriously then such a relationship is probably a saturnian relationship. An example of such a relationship could be employees working under bond / contract with their employer or a marriage where commitment is taken very seriously. (Marriages where partners love and enjoy each others company and are not so much commitment oriented are not so much saturnian in nature)

If you truly love a person then your love is enough to hold on to that relationship and there is no need of commitment. So any relationship where commitment is required (feels required) and taken very seriously – such relationships are one of the best examples of saturnian relationships.

Saturn doesn’t care about whether you like or enjoy the relationship. It just wants commitment and finds security in stability. Well stability is good but it should come naturally and not by some kind of control. Saturnian relationships ends up being very depressing in the long term.

Some people like stability and commitment while others dislike stability and too much commitment. So it is really up to an individual what kind of relationships they like and they feel comfortable with.

As an astrologer I can only help you understand the nature of different kinds of relationships. How different kinds of relationships work ? But i cannot give an opinion on whats good whats not good or say whats right or what’s not right. You just have to see for yourself what kind of relationship you like and you feel comfortable with. If you like stability and commitment then just go with it.

I myself have saturn in 5th house which influences relationships. And i have suffered a lot in relationships due to saturn and have learned my lessons hard way. So all this understanding is coming from my experience.

Saturn because of being driven by fear ends up having a controlling influence over relationships. Even if you’re not someone who likes to control other people and relationship but due to your fears you find yourself ending up having an controlling influence over relationships. Don’t worry and feel bad about that you just need to know that with saturn things get better with time. Saturn loses its hold with time as we grow up and learn as an individual.

If you have suffered and felt a lot of pain due to saturn’s influence then you just need to learn to relax and chill and stop taking your life and relationships too seriously. Try to gain more spiritual understanding if you can which can really help you overcome your fears.

Fears can be very overpowering … even when we want to live a fearless life and overcome our fears they still have a hold upon us. So just try to take one step at a time and allow things to get better at its natural pace.

Important thing to keep in mind … . Just like when you cook a recipe the cooked recipe has a taste of all of its ingredients in the same way how someone behaves in a relationship is an outcome many planets influencing his / her personality. So don’t be so quick to judge a person and reach on a conclusion by just one planet … try to understand the whole personality of the person and see all the factors influencing the person. Then only you will get a true picture of someone’s behaviour and personality.