Sometimes rejection is better than Acceptance

We generally look towards rejection as an aweful experience. But instead it can be a blessing in disguise !

Sometimes rejection is better than Acceptance

Being rejected for who you are is better than being accepted for who you are not !

Rejection does not always mean there is something wrong with you or something wrong with the other person who is rejecting you.

It simply mean that you don’t belong together. I know it’s really hard to swallow that ! Especially if it implies moving away for someone you love.

Rejection although is painful on an emotional level but it is not always bad. Sometimes you are being rejected because nature has something better waiting for you.

You are being rejected because maybe you deserve something better. Better than what you were being rejected for.

Sometimes Rejection is a bitter pill we need to solow in order to find something better in our life.

You cant avoid rejection in your life. If we keep taking rejection personally we cant really live our life. We will never enjoy our life and find true happiness.

Rejection is a brick wall that we all must learn to overcome in order to find success and happiness in our life.

People who have found success and happiness in their life are those who showed willingness to accept rejection in their life.

Most of us human beings are so much afraid of rejection in our life that we fail to take steps that are required to find happiness. And to avoid rejections in our life we keep rejecting our happiness. We keep rejecting what our heart and soul truly wants.

Don’t reject what your heart truly wants and don’t stop living your life due to your fear of rejection.