The deeper meaning of dreams

The deeper meaning of dreams
Photo by Madhuri Mohite / Unsplash

Dreams can be psychic and often such dreams seem to predict what’s coming in your life. This is what i used to think until one day i came to another realization.

![](ño_del_caballero_-_Google_Art_Project-1024x725.jpg)DreamsDreams are symbolic representations of our beliefs and thoughts. Yes that’s pretty much easy to figure out … but there is something more.

We as human beings are capable of and we tend to manifest in our lives what we think and what we believe. Irrespective of whether what we believe is positive or negative. If you believe that world is filled with bad people then that’s what your life will show you. And if we believe in the goodness of people you will keep attracting good people in your life.

Those who believe in scarcity they manifest lack and scarcity in their life. Those who see abundance manifest abundance in their life.

For most people even if we are living in darkness we see lack and scarcity in our lives we still want to move towards abundance. We desire to see abundance.

Change in our beliefs happen through education. Education takes us to the positive from the negative.

Dreams are just an alternative way of education. Dreams are the means by which our angel spirits show us our negative thoughts and beliefs so that we become aware of them and we can change.

Our dreams show us the areas in our personality and beliefs where we are immature, we are lacking and needs to grow. They show us our negative thoughts.

Our angels try to show us our negative thoughts so that we become aware of them and when we become aware of them it becomes easy to overcome them.