My food Experiments

I experimented though various different kind of food and diet. In this article i sum up my observations.

My food Experiments

Since when i was 20 I had this feeling that somehow the standard diet that we eat does not suit my body and we can improve our health by simply improving our diet.

I experimented with and tried various different kinds of diets and finally reached on a conclusion that "Whole Foods Plant based Diet" is best for my body.  

I also found out that each one of us has different physical  needs and therefore what suits for me may not suit other people. And you need to figure out for yourself which diet suits your body the best.

I did various experiments and i  am giving below my observation and findings. This will help you save your time that i spent on these experiments.

The salt free diet

Yes you would not die if you gave up salt. Althought it appears like you cant give up salt. But your body can very well survive and actually can trive on  a salt free diet.

Initially the food without salt tastes very bland and tasteless. But do not worry because in 4-5 days your taste buds will completely adjust and you will not miss the taste of salt at all. If you add even a little bit of salt in your diet it will appear too much.  

I went salt free and initially i was seeing lot of good effects. I was feeling lighter and my health was improving.

But after i continued for more than a month on a salt free diet i was starting to see the brain fog and drop in mental performance. This lead me to conclude that giving up salt totally is not a good idea. We need some salt - (small amount thought) for optimum performance of our nervous system.

The best strategy is to keep salt to a minimum and not eat it in excess amount. And you  should not worry about the taste. Your taste buds can easily adjust in few days to any level  of your salt that you decide to add to your food.

Giving up Oil, Salt and Sugar and Processed foods

Oil, Salt and Sugar are highly processed foods and eating foods in their natural form is always better than  eating them in highly processed form.

You will see instant improvements in health when you give up processed foods and eat foods only in their natural and unprocessed form.

The raw vegan  Diet

Yes i tried raw vegan fruit diet also. Where you eat every thing in  an  uncooked and raw form. You can eat vegetables and fruits both.

Althought i tried  it ...  and it appear to give you very good results in short time. But it needs a lot of attention and guidance.  I mean it is difficult to follow it without any guidance and support.  

Although i absolutely recommend this diet it if you want to recover from some health condition like diebetes or any other severe health situation.  Because this diet can fully change your health.

But due to my busy lifestyle i simply did not find enough time and energy to invest in this diet. And therefore i finally gave up on it.

This diet has some issues also. It requires you to  give up cooked foods and with that you may need to give up lot of foods that can be eaten only in cooked foods. And that may cause nutritional defiencienes.

Giving up Dairy

Although i love cottage cheese (paneer) and cheese and butter. But I decided to give up dairy because it involves some kind of animal abuse.

After giving up dairy for a long time my body has adjusted accordingly.

And Now if i try to eat some dairy product my body simply does not react well to it. And i start to see adverse effect on  my health.

Its like my body has become somewhat allergic to Dairy !

Giving up Non-Vegetarian Food

I had been vegetarian since childhood. I gave up non-vegetarian food not for the religious reasons but for ethical reasons when i decided that i didnt wanted to contribute to  the animal abuse.

I never felt the craving for non-veg food and i dont really miss it.

My Findings and Observation

  1. Its good not to eat outside - restaurant food or street food.
  2. Processed foods are bad for body and you should always prefer whole foods rather than processed foods.  
  3. Its not just the food but eating habits matter too. You should eat only when you feel hungry and not eat more that you need to satisfy your hunger.  Eating more than you need  is bad for health and eating less than  you  need is also bad for health. You need to  strike a healthy balance.