Donald trump - vedic birth chart analysis

Donald trump - vedic birth chart analysis
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We see a lot of controversies surrounding’s President Donald Trump and there is an essential need to try to understand his intentions and his personality.

Let us try to study his Vedic birth chart in order to gain better understanding of his personality

![]( Birth Chart of Donald Trump

Trump, Donald[Gender]( "Help:Gender"): M
Donald John Trump
**born on**14 June 1946 at 10:54 (= 10:54 AM )
**Place**Jamaica Hospital Queens (Queens County), New York, 40n42, 73w4859

Source for birth time :,_Donald

Instructions : If you are new to astrology and do not know how to read the birth chart then do not worry you can still understand this article. If you want help in order to learn how to read birth chart please refer to this article link :

A Natural leader who will have popularity and mass fame

Sun in 10th house is a natural leader. Such people bring and enlightens the outer world with their new ideas. Therefore they emerge as a natural  leaders. 10th house is also a house of fame and having Sun and Rahu in the 10th house is a sign that person is most likely achieve a lot of mass fame in his life. Such a person would be famous and a celebrity.

Rahu in 10th house is very commonly observed in the birth charts of celebrities. 10th house is a house of fame and social status so having a powerful 10th house gives a person lot of fame and social status.

So donald trump is a natural leader and also a natural celebrity who is likely to be very famous for

A little pride and arrogance about their social status

Whenever we obtain something because of the influence of Rahu we tend to be pride and be arrogant about it. There could be a tendency to have too much pride and arrogance about the Social Status. And a tendency to boast about it.

A genuine Love and Concern for home, family, his mother and his country men

People who have the moon in the fourth house loves their mother and they have genuine concern and love for their home, family.

Fourth house is a house of home and family. So donald trump’s love for his country and concern for his home is not fake and he genuinely care’s and have genuine concern for the people of his country.

He might face a lot of false criticism from his own home and his own people

Donald trump has ketu with moon in his fourth house shows that he will face a lot of undeserving and false criticism from the his own people. This will be the kind of negative and false criticism. He will be a victim of false criticism from his own people. This is because of ketu in fourth house. Ketu brings rejection and false criticism from people. Ketu makes you a victim and it brings you suffering as a payment for your bad karma from your past life.

There will surely be attempts to impeach the president. And his story might be similar to Princess Diana. People loved Princess Diana. but her own family tried to impeach her and take away the title of princess from her.

Princess Diana also had moon with ketu. She suffered a lot in her life regarding because false criticism from his own family members. Ultimately the title of Princess was taken away from her. Ketu takes away everything with which it is associated.

Wealth and prosperity will be abundant

Jupiter is a source of abundance, luck and happiness. Jupiter is a planet which gives you the most benefic results in your birth chart. Donald trump has jupiter in the second house indicating that he will be very good at making money and wealth.

Such a person will obtain a lot of wealth quite easily.

arrogance in attitude might be present due to prominent (strong) mars

Mars in the first house makes mars prominent(strong) in your birth chart. Mars is a planet of wars and competition. Mars in the first house makes a person a fighter and a stiff competitor. It also makes the person somewhat stubborn who will be unwilling to compromise in his stance unless off course he is forced to compromise due to situation and circumstances. People with strong mars see competition everywhere even when the competition does not exist and nobody is trying to compete with them. People with prominent (strong) mars wants to compete with everyone, they take things in a negative way. They will try to compete with other people even when nobody is trying to compete with them.

Mars is known to make the person and give them quite a rough attitude and also make them a bit rude in their approach with people. But anyway, moon in the first house will overcome this rudeness because moon in the 4th also makes him a kind towards people.

THerefore donald trump will be kind towards people with occasional outburst of anger will be common in his personality.

This is not something that is a cause of worry. And people will get used to it.

A genuine association and love for army, army men and defence forces

Mars loves army and defence forces. People with prominent (Strong) mars has huge liking for army and defence forces. Therefore donald trump will have a lot of love and concern for the people of the defence forces and he will surely try to make good policies for them.